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Where to begin?  Well if you're here, you've either been to a comic book signing, or debating partaking in your first signing event. And while we are still amidst the Covid pandemic, anxiously waiting for Cons of the massive scale to open back up. Thankfully there are still stores willing to offer signing events. As well as CGC in house signing events. Either way, you're ecstatic to get your Crain, Kirkham, Cates, Etc. comic cover signed. And that is exciting! Some of the art that has been created over the last few years has been extraordinary. And it's only getting...

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Let’s start off with the lingo. Slab: The hard plastic shell encasing a comic book; after a 3rd party entity examines the comic book. Upon completion of said examination, the residing entity* (see examples below) assigns a numerical value to the comic. Then to complete the process; will encase the comic in a SLAB with the given grade. (See attached photos for example.)*Entities: CGC, CBCS, and PGX are the three in descending order known as the residing companies that hold precedence over the grading industry. Raw: A raw comic is labeled simply as a comic not encased within a 3rd party's graded...

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We are entering a new time for comic books. Stories being told, the art, the coloring, the prices. And of course the collectors themselves. 

For Sign Me Stickers, this is just the beginning. And this is the first post. This will change organically over time. So follow along. And join in on the discussion.

All are welcome. 

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