Getting Your Comic(s) Signed: Be Prepared!

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Getting Your Comic(s) Signed: Be Prepared!

Where to begin? 

Well if you're here, you've either been to a comic book signing, or debating partaking in your first signing event. And while we are still amidst the Covid pandemic, anxiously waiting for Cons of the massive scale to open back up. Thankfully there are still stores willing to offer signing events. As well as CGC in house signing events. Either way, you're ecstatic to get your Crain, Kirkham, Cates, Etc. comic cover signed. And that is exciting! Some of the art that has been created over the last few years has been extraordinary. And it's only getting better! 

So, if you're new to the experience, or even experienced; this is for you.                             Let me preface this by noting that although I will be going over some of the aspects regarding the signing experience, it will pertain to very specific components. And how signing windows such as Sign Me Stickers will aid you in the experience.

For a very well put together and descriptive breakdown of how to be the best overall prepared. Be sure to go HEREwhere my friends over at The Archive of Comics have written an article that is all encompassing regarding the essentials for comic book signings.

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Where we start on our journey begins with a comic book in hand. Do you have yours? Yes? Great!

Let's make sure we put that very valuable stack of paper, ink, and stories in to a bag with a board. Make sure it’s protected from creases, dirt, being torn.. the list truly goes on. 
From there you’d want to decide on where you want a signature and/or a remark. 
Do you want it across the top or bottom of the front cover? At an angle maybe? Or possibly there’s a very specific cool spot that would look great to have a signature on, that doesn’t distract from the iconic cover? 

Once you’ve found your ideal spot, you take one of your Sign Me Stickers you’ve recently picked up to prep the bag. Try it like this:             

• Place sticker (keeping back plastic on) over desired placement of signature. 
• Check that the area not only looks good to you, but will fit the sticker well.                             • Remove sticker back and place over desired signature location. Smoothing out the sticker in the process.                                                             Note: The sticker is made of vinyl not paper. There is a bit of a flexibility benefit to it. You can remove and replace the sticker for better placement. 
• Carefully remove your comic and place to the side. 
• Using an xacto knife, follow the inside window provided by the Sign Me Sticker. To cut out a window accessible to your comic. 
• Throw away the removed plastic, and replace the comic within the bag.

Boom!! You’re basically done!

Now you can add any notes, appreciation, or specifics to the desired signer on the Sign Me Sticker for the comic.

With your comic prepped and ready to go, you can now wait anxiously for Crain, Kirkham, McFarlane, or whomever you desire to announce their arrival at your Local Comic Book shop. 
Get in line and have fun!!

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